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AutoSOS Basic for motorcycles

AutoSOS Basic for motorcycles

Just 7900 HUF

  • For motorcycles having a registration number
  • Throughout the whole territory of Hungary
  • Unlimited use
  • Immediate roadside assistance
  • Fuel Dispatch service

A unique innovation on the Hungarian market: our Basic package is now  available for motorcycles.

The AutoSOS domestic motorcycle assistance service offers you an opportunity to ensure security for your motorcycle when travelling, even if you need professional assistance due to any unexpected incident during a longer trip (e.g. technical breakdown).

With our new Fuel Dispatch service, we provide you with 10 L of fuel, free of charge, to restart your motorcycle.

Guaranteed arrival within one hour

We guarantee to arrive within one hour to any location in Hungary. If we fail to do so through our own fault, we will refund you 50% of the annual premium of your assistance package.

Roadside repairs

Europ Assistance organizes roadside assistance services. Provided that there are no legal limitations – such as limited warranty or service exclusivity on a geographical basis –, the auto-technician will attempt to fix the problem on the spot.

Transport to a repair shop

If it is not possible to repair the vehicle on the spot, the breakdown lorry will take it, along with any  personal luggage contained therein, to the nearest repair shop at a distance of no more than 50 km, where the vehicle can be repaired in a secure and definitive way.

Storage until the next working day

If the nearest repair shop is closed – on weekends or at night – or too busy, Europ Assistance will take the vehicle to a safe parking area, and in the morning of the next working day to the repair shop.

Service information

Once the vehicle has been taken to the repair shop, Europ Assistance will act as a link between you and the service.