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Home and family

Home and family

  • Immediate assistance with cost reimbursement
  • Hotline available 24/7
  • Emergency repairs in six main technical areas
  • Solutions for every need


Emergency repairs

Should the failure of any machinery or technical equipment of the building, or any unexpected external mechanical impact, cause any emergency situation requiring urgent action to prevent further damages and accidents (e. g. home flooded from water pipe break, key broken in the lock making it impossible to get into the flat); Europ Assistance will (if the conditions so provide) reimburse part of costs incurred in connection with the emergency repairs carried out by the technician sent by Europ Assistance, up to an amount fixed in advance.

Extended guarantee

Having a comfortable home also means household appliances working in the way they should.

That is why we have developed our Extended Guarantee service, providing professional technicians to repair household appliances.

IT assistance

The 21st century is centred on information technology that is continually changing. Many of us  often find it hard to keep up with these changes, although the main objective has always been to ensure usability. Sometimes a problem can be resolved quickly and easily by changing settings or by connecting equipment correctly. Our IT professionals can provide you with remote assistance:

  • To resolve handling or settings problems
  • To identify the causes of a hardware failure