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Our network

Our network

In relation to its assistance function, EA has built up international and local provider networks in a number of professional areas, enabling it to take  action, resolve problems, or perform repairs on the spot in almost 20,000 cases per day.


Europ-Assistance Magyarország Kft. provides automotive information and assistance services to its contract partners 24 hours a day throughout the whole country.
Within this framework, our employees arrange providers in the case of accident, technical breakdown, own fault, vandalism and theft in the following areas:

  • breakdown service
  • roadside repairs
  • vehicle storage
  • rent-a-car service
  • arranging further travel
  • arranging accommodation
  • driver service
  • dispatching spare parts
  • assistance and emergency interpreting over the phone


Our network covers the whole country. It is made up of private entrepreneurs and small companies continually assessed for  quality and cost control, currently providing automotive assistance to three key target groups:

  • manufacturer’s assistance service for new vehicles,
  • automotive assistance for MTPL and Casco insurance provided by insurance companies,
  • assistance service provided by leasing companies and card issuers to clients.

We also send quarterly newsletters to our providers, notifying them of our requirements regarding uniform appearance and of our new clients. We  provide them with the appropriate information in order to help them perform services to the appropriate standard.

Once in a year, we organize a Provider Conference, open to all our provider partners, where we jointly evaluate the year. We inform partners about the activities of Europ Assistance, existing and new contracts and results, and  hold workshop discussions.

Ensuring the continuity of communication as well as an efficient network operation are the tasks of the Network Development and Operations Manager.


Within this service, we arrange repair technicians in case of emergency in the following areas: plumbing, glazing, pipeline blockage removal, lock repairs, electricity, roofing / bricklaying, carpentry.

How the system works

The service consists of rectifying the emergency situation within the shortest time possible in a professional way, preventing further damage (e. g. soaked furniture or floor in case of pipe breakage, leaking roof, etc.). Due to the nature of the service, Europ Assistance assumes the costs of emergency repairs, whereas total recovery costs (e. g. plaster-work, painting) must be paid by the client on the spot. Of course, our professionals may also assist you with total recovery in addition to emergency repairs.

Our contract technicians apply countrywide standard call-out fees and hourly rates agreed with insurers.

Because it is particularly important that our technicians arrive on the spot by the time agreed, and perform works to the appropriate standard, at the contract rates, Europ Assistance’s employees continuously monitor the process of works performed by technicians.

Our provider network has been continuously extended with new specialty areas, and we contact new technicians as the number of our clients grows.

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